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Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Before the First Visit

On the back of your insurance card is a phone number for “Mental Health” or “Behavioral Health” Benefits.  Please call and ask the following questions:

  • Is Nicole DeRobertis, LCSW listed as a provider (“in-network”) under your insurance plan?

  • If not, does your plan offer “out of network” benefits?

  • Is “pre-authorization” required to obtain benefits? If so, please ask for and bring the “authorization number” with you to the first appointment

  • Do you have a “deductible” that needs to be satisfied before insurance benefits begin?

  • If your deductible is satisfied, what is your “copay” for mental/behavioral health services?

  • Some plans require “reauthorization” by your mental health provider after a certain number of visits-usually 10 to 20 visits. Please check to see if your plan has such a requirement.

Before Your First Appointment: Welcome
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