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Tight schedule? Bad weather? Transportation limitations? No problem with virtual therapy. I offer individual therapy via telehealth. This is a great option for teens, college students and busy adults. Virtual therapy improves access to mental health care by offering an alternative to traditional in person therapy.

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While I work with individuals in all stages of their lives my primary focus has been on working with teens, college students and adults to help them learn to navigate the unique challenges they face. In sessions I will work collaboratively with you to help you access and understand your emotions, wants and needs. When you do this and learn how to connect with your authentic self, it allows you to heal and grow so that you can live the life you were meant to.

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Being a parent is not easy. It comes with incredible joys and tough challenges. Everyone makes mistakes and could use supportive guidance. Parenting support is a short term therapy intervention designed to empower parents by giving them the support and resources they need to be the best parent possible for their kids.

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Executive function skills are self-management abilities we use to accomplish goals and balance our lives. They are essential to managing your day-to-day demands at school, work and at home. In 1:1 sessions online or in-person, I will help you identify and implement tools and strategies that address your specific needs. You will learn skills such as time management, organization, planning and prioritizing in order to help equip you to navigate life's challenges.

* Please note that coaching is not a clinical service and therefore is not covered by insurance. 

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Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present with compassionate curiosity and without judgment and is a powerful tool that can be used to help you find calm and balance in your life. In a busy and constantly moving world much of our day is filled with feelings of stress and overwhelm. This can lead to feeling scattered, forgetful, struggling to focus and battling the inner self-critic. Research indicates that mindfulness can help decrease stress, improve focus and concentration and increase happiness and well-being. In 1:1 online or in-person coaching sessions I will help you learn the basics of mindfulness and help you develop and implement a practice that works for you. As your coach I will help hold you accountable to your practice and offer guidance and support when you encounter challenges. 

* Please note that coaching is not a clinical service and therefore is not covered by insurance. 

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